Testing & Measurement

With APAVE network of accredited laboratories and measurement centers, we can provide a range of tests and measurement at reliable quality and customize solutions best suited to meet your requirements.

Our intervention fields:

Product tests

Apave maintained its leading position in Europe for EC labeling of PPE (harnesses, carabiners, helmet, ropes, etc.,)
Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU 2016/425)

EMC test

Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU)

Mechanical Tests

When equipment is manufactured, it is necessary to select the most suitable material according to the purpose of use.
Apave can test various mechanical properties, physical properties of various materials and chemical analysis with reliable results and certified reports, providing guides for material selection.
We also carry out testing of materials defined by Japan and foreign countries regulations and standards. If you can supply the material for the test, we will prepare test piece from the material, and carry out the test. Those test will be conducted at our laboratory in France and our partner companies.

Climatic tests

Climatic testing is often required for aerospace, defense, nuclear, transportation and industrial manufacturers in order to ensure their equipment in compliance with the industry specific standards. At Apave test facilities, we can provide a range of testing in any simulated environment conditions (usually extreme) to measure equipment behaviour.