“C by Apave” and “LONGTIME®”

c-by-apaveThe “C by Apave” mark is a voluntary certification mark registered by Apave Certification which is a third party, recognised as National Certification Body (NCB) in the IECEE* system. We can deliver a voluntary trademark “C by Apave” for various products such as electrical appliances and machines, based on any test report under CB or ILAC** accreditation according to IEC* or EN standards.

The “C by Apave” mark indicates the acceptance by a third-party as a symbol of safety, quality and trust. In order to obtain the “C by Apave” mark, your products have to fullfill compliance with the requirements and standards of Apave Certification.

It is effective and affordable for manufacturers to promote the safety and quality of their products with a trust mark well-known in Europe and distinguish them from other competitors on the market.

* IECEE: IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components
** ILAC: International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

C by Apave“LONGTIME®” is the first European label that identifies and promote products designed to last. The “LONGTIME®” label is a tool developed to clearly inform consumers about the durability, robustness and reparability of products.

Many of the labellisation criteria are being considered as an integral art of the regulations. Being “LONGTIME®” label certified means being ahead of your competitors and the regulations.

Apave Certification is a regulatory body qualified to conduct audits according to the “LONGTIME®” specifications.
Please contact us if you want to obtain more information about the “C by Apave” mark or the “LONGTIME®” label.