• Inspection


    Utilizing the accumulated expertise, experience and global network of APAVE Group, we can provide a wide range of industrial inspection services as a third party inspection or on behalf of clients to meet the needs of the clients.

  • CE Marking

    CE Marking

    CE marking is a mandatory requirement for many products to be sold in European markets. APAVE is a Notified Body in CE marking for industrial equipment. Our experts who are familiar with the European safety regulations will help you ensure your product's conformity with the requirements for the CE marking.

  • Product Certification

    Product Certification

    Product certification from Apave (the “C by Apave” mark and "LONGTIME®" label) – indicates the acceptance by a third-party as a symbol of safety, quality and ensures your products in compliance with relevant regulations in your target markets. It is also an effective way to distinguish your product from other competitors.

  • Consultancy


    Apave experts with extensive experience and knowledge in pressure equipment as well as related regulations and standards, can offer various consulting services.

  • Testing & Measurement

    Testing & Measurement

    It is very important for manufacturers to select the optimal materials for the equipment and ensure that the equipment can maintain the quality performance under special environments such as lightning, sudden temperature change, vibration, high humidity, etc. Apave can carry out various tests and measurement according to the needs of the clients.