Second Party Inspection

On behalf of clients we can inspect various industrial equipment at any stage of production to ensure the equipement quality in accordance with the client’s purchase order, specifications and other legislative requirements.

Main areas of our inspection are all kind of equipment such as pressure vessel, heat exchanger, compressor, turbin, blower, pump, valve, pipe, tube, instrument etc.,.

Our global network of competent inspectors can meet various needs of clients worldwide. We are committed to provide high quality, efficient inspection and reliable report.
Inspection items are generally as follows:

  1. Supplier Evaluation (Vendor Survey)
    We can assist clients in making decision of choosing a manufacturer for their equipment by conducting a report auditing the manufacturer’s capability, systems, experience and competence to ensure the reliability of the potential manufacturer before clients place the order.
  2. Document review
    We will support client by reviewing the documents related to production (inspection plan, inspection procedures, etc.)
  3. Kick off meeting (KOM)
    We can participate in the kickoff meeting at the start of the project, and confirm with the manufacturer the specifications, inspection schedules and other information of the ordered equipment.
  4. Pre inspection meeting (PIM)
    Prior to start of manufacturing, we can conduct a pre-inspection meeting with the manufacturer in order to review and ensure thoroughly understanding of the purchase order, inspection plan as well as other requirements.
  5. Intermediate inspection
    We can perform inspections during the production in accordance with the inspection plan.
  6. Onsite inspection
    We can conduct inspection when the equipment is installed at the user’s site.
  7. Expediting
    Our experience expeditors will investigate the equipment production schedule and promptly report to client to make sure the delivery of the ordered equipment is on schedule. If there is a delay, we will request the manufacturer to have improvement measures to keep the delivery date on schedule.
Second Party Inspection
Second Party Inspection