Apave Group

APAVE is a leading company with more than 150 years in the risk control business. APAVE provides a complete range of technical and intellectual services in the areas of inspection, assistance, building, test & measurement, training and consulting. All are designed to enhance the safety of people, property and optimize the performance of organizations.

Founded in 1867 in Mulhouse, APAVE stands for Association des Propriétaires d’Appareils à Vapeur et Electriques (in English means: Association of Steam and Electric Apparatus Owners). APAVE nowadays has more than 10,700 staffs including 8,000 engineers and technicians, performing risk control services for various clients around the world.

With a global office network, APAVE aims to provide our best services to meet the needs of the clients in each country, to build trust and to become a long term reliable partner for our clients.